In this weeks read it is all about data and data security. Read on to learn how blockchain is combatting cyber risk and is putting the data ownership back in the peoples hands.

1. Can blockchain power the energy business?

Thanks to dramatic cost reductions in renewable energy, the installation of smart devices, and improvements in software, we are now hurtling towards a decentralized, decarbonized and digitized electric grid. The Bluenote Protocol can help increase data efficiency even more.

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2. Take ownership of your data thanks to blockchain!

Blockchain is reducing the influence of large internet companies and is returning the Web to its original vision. Through the decentralization of networks, data ownership will return to the peoples hands. 

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3. Combatting cyber risk through the convergence of blockchain and IoT

As smart buildings harvest tons of data, the data security needs to be assured. Through the blockchain and the Bluenote Protocol, data security and transparency can be assured.

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4. Will there soon be a blockchain Governor?

Alec Ross is running for Governor in the US and he is putting blockchain on the map. In taking this initiative he is also promoting blockchain businesses in the energy sector and advocating data security. Way to go!

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5. The healthcare sector is about to be disrupted – to save emissions

Hospitals and the healthcare industry in the US were responsible for 10 percent of all emissions in the country. As Danny Kennedy puts it: hospitals are like the data centers in the technology sector. This presents a huge untapped market opportunity for more efficient energy use.

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