What do tokens, real estate and increased revenue have in common? They are all powered by the blockchain. Read on to get a new perspective about tokens, to learn how data tracking through the blockchain is disrupting the real estate industry and to understand how a more efficient data tracking is increasing revenue.

1. Let’s talk about tokens!

Everybody talks about tokens but only few understand it’s role and their value. MIT's Christian Catalini and the University of Toronto's Joshua Gans, have published a paper called "Initial coin offerings and the value of crypto tokens," in which they provide an economic analysis of the ICO funding mechanism and the value of tokens.

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2. The new class of disruptors in real estate

Blockchain and AI are disrupting the real estate sector in many ways. Especially blockchain provides more transparency and thus limiting fraud and errors. The Bluenote Protocol is designed to be a token based payment system and a marketplace for data services.

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3. Make your building smarter to increase your revenue

Smart data tracking and a more efficient energy use, is crucial to fight climate change. But there is also an immediate added value, as your business revenue increases! These are just two of the many advantages of tracking building data, such as the Bluenote Protocol provides.

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4. Blockchain allows for the reinvention of the real estate ecosystem

Stephen King describes, why blockchain is so crucial for the disruption in the real estate industry and how users and owners can benefit from creating an international standard for property data.

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5. Dubai is setting another example of leading the emission reduction

During Earth Hour 2018, the world-wide initiative, Dubai achieved significant results in reducing electricity use and carbon emissions. This is taking us back when we presented Bluenote at UNLOCK Blockchain in January 2018 in Dubai, as Dubai is a leader in their activities to reduce carbon emissions.

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