In this week’s Top 5 articles we are taking a closer look on the differences between the private and the public blockchain and why blockchain is called the “truth machine”. We also take a closer look into the smart city market and why clean energy and efficient data use is advantageous for everybody.

1. The differences of the private and public blockchain explained by Amber Baldet 

In this article, JP Morgan’s blockchain lead, Amber Baldet, gives an interesting take on private and public blockchains, and on what enterprises look for when utilising the blockchain.  

Learn more -> JP Morgan's Amber Baldet on what enterprise wants from Ethereum 

2. An explanation of why the blockchain is also called the “truth machine” 

The blockchain enables data processing and transparency in ways never seen before. Bluenote’s Protocol facilitates simple data sharing and building analysis for users, to bringing back the truth in the real estate data collection. 

Learn more -> Blockchain is a potential 'truth machine' for the world's transactions 

3. Smart building is leading the push of growth for the connected/smart industries market 

There is a need for utility and real estate proficiencies through smarter use of data. Bluenote’s Protocol is leading the way in this field and utilising the blockchain for more data efficiency and transparency. 

Learn more -> Connected/smart industries market expected to expand at a promising pace by 2025 

4. Smart city industry profits and growth forecast to 2022

The Smart City Market is growing due to technology adaption for improving lifestyle, and rise in automation among others. Bluenote is tirelessly working on building the blockchain to sustain this industry forecast. 

Learn more -> Smart city market 2018 global size, competitors strategy, regional analysis, industry profits and growth by forecast to 2022 

5. There is not only environmental advantage of clean energy. But also, more productivity for the people! 

Clean energy and efficient buildings are crucial for our green future, but that they are also enhancing our productivity is just the more of a reason to adapt the bluenote protocol. 

Learn more -> The latest research is clear: clean, efficient buildings make people more productive

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