Blockchain and sustainability strategies are not only creating more transparency but also more revenue. Read on to find out about the efforts and findings released on how clean energy strategies and blockchain are disrupting the real estate industry. Core findings are that emission reductions and increase in transparency is beneficial for both climate and profits. This is a win - win for the 'blue' world!

1. Clean energy is trending and more companies are joining in - we are looking into a clean and 'blue future' 

Great to see we are all pulling in the same direction for a 'blue' world. Over 40 cities all over the globe are now committed to using renewable electricity sources and at least 100 cities are committed to getting 70% of their power from renewables. Read on below: 

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2. Sustainability strategies are not only creating a clean future but are also in favour of revenue 

We are excited that the Dutch banking giant ING has released a survey in which they found that sustainability strategies of companies are true revenue drivers. The Bluenote operated platforms main goal is to create energy efficiencies and reducing CO2 emissions. 

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3. Transparency through blockchain is the key in cutting carbon emissions - read on to understand how it works 

One of the biggest obstacles in addressing climate change is the centralisation of the energy system. This article provides en extensive overview on how blockchain is an effective control of carbon emissions. 

Learn more -> Blockchain: secret weapon in the fight against climate change 


4. Blockchain in real estate is disrupting the industry and creating more trust - That's a win for everybody! 

Blockchain is not only disrupting the financial industry but also the real estate industry. The bluenote platform is creating transparency in verifying and incentivising the emission reductions through the blockchain.  

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5. Is it a myth that smart buildings are reducing the maintenance cost in real estate? 

Expert Antoni Disi explains how smart technologies can reduce the maintenance cost and educate citizen about their energy use. Educating the users and providing more transparency and clarity is key in achieving the set climate goals. 

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