Once again there is plenty to talk about - and read about - on the Blue front. Looking through our Top 5 articles this week, you will see that emissions and energy consumption are not only scientific matters, but first and foremost, economic ones. This coincides precisely with our analysis of the steep potential upside for those who discern the opportunities in moving towards a zero-emissions world. Take some time to learn more about the clean energy movement.

1. From wave power to smart buildings, this is the future of sustainable energy

Sustainable energy is not a new topic - but the ways in which we make sustainable energy "truly sustainable" in an economic sense, definitely is. Our goal at Bluenote is to push forward and show the way beyond just simply using sustainable energy on a small scale.

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2. Califiornia gets new light bulb efficiency standard

Standards - they may seem restrictive at times. But actually good benchmarks are what we need to unlock economic potential in energy efficient upgrades. Bluenote supports this wholeheartedly.

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3. Thirteen questions for the Blockchain as we enter 2018

Excellent analysis of the upcoming year from William Mougayar, renowned author and respected token expert. Question number 13 'Do we fully understand the economic models behind tokens?' is especially important for Bluenote.

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4. Is the DNA of GDP evolving?

In short - yes. But then that's just our opinion...given that economies are changing and tokenization is creating a new and different paradigm, it may not be quite so dramatic. Or it may be, actually.

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5. Climate bonds surpass expectations, but where are US corporations?

Good question! So much of the potential for value creation (as we see it with Bluenote) is locked up in commercial real estate in the US, and yet American corporations are lagging behind. This has to change!

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