Blockchain for climate change and blockchain for a "blue world" - we continue the quest in 2018 and beyond. If you believe as we do - we invite you to take a look at our Top 5 must read articles about crypto, blockchain, climate change and clean energy this week. And of course, add your comments to the conversation.

1. What does hacking and clean energy have in common? A lot as it turns out...

As we all know, many problems go unsolved because they seem impossible. Or unrecognised. This is true of the emissions saga - a challenge that Bluenote can help solve by "hacking" the normal, walled gardens of real estate and energy to provide real value while doing good.

Everyone is talking about blockchain, so why all the hype? - The Carbon Smart blog

2) Blockchain for Climate - How Blockchain can save the homes of thousands of people

Bluenote is about creating sustainable change and revolutionising energy usage in real estate - and that can have a massive impact on the daily lives of ordinary people.

COP-23: Can More Transparency, New Technology Save Small Island States?

3. Is Crypto the Answer to all Problems? An insightful and comprehensive reflection of what Crypto is still missing

No - maybe crypto isn't the answer to all problems... But when you add a real purpose to it - like reducing carbon emissions as we're doing with Bluenote - then you get something truly special.

What Crypto Didn't Give Us in 2017

4) New Year, New Trends: What is in store for smart building technology 2018

We're going to be part of this with Bluenote's protocol for better energy management in buildings!

#BizTrends2018: Trends in HVAC and smart building technology

5) Great to see that the Blockchain Research Institute has Energy on its Top 10 list of Predictions for 2018

We totally agree that blockchain for energy will be one of the main topics of 2018 - we're going to make it a main topic!

Don Tapscott: Ten 2018 predictions from the co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute — Quartz

Also check out one of Bluenote's best read articles:

Why Climate Change will only be Solved with Blockchain - A Venture Capital Perspective

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