It is only February and this year has already brought about a coalition by the UN to support research in blockchain for climate action as well as more reports about the applications of this revolutionary technology. We are thrilled that the blockchain for climate is picking up momentum and we ready to push it forward even more! To learn more about the different movements and dialogues which are happing around the globe you can read our top 5 articles of this week. And please join our discussion on how we can all work together for the "Blue World".

1. The UN founded the Climate Change Coalition and is supporting research for blockchain technology

The Climate Change Coalition (CCC) was founded in January by the UN to research use cases for the bockchain technology and how it can help to fight climate change. This initiative supports the aim that the blockchain technology can improve “transparency, traceability, and cost-effectiveness of climate action.”

Learn more -> UN researches blockchain for climate

2. The National Institute of Standard and Technology is taking a closer look at applications for blockchain and is putting smart buildings on the map

The National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST) issued a report to provide a high-level technical overview for applications of the blockchain technology. The report mentions several nonfinancial applications of blockchain technology, smart buildings that autonomously trade excess renewable energy and supply chain monitoring and management amongst others.

Learn more -> NIST blockchain report examines the tech behind the “hype”

3. It is not only about the technology but also about the management of the technology

We completely agree with Steven Cohen who is advocating for companies to each ask themselves the question of: How does an organization learn to reduce its negative impact on the environment?

This is the question we at Bluenote are answering, as we are implementing the blockchain technology for emission-reducing technology upgrades of commercial office buildings.

Learn more -> Sustainability is the future of management

4. Real estate and technology executives are coming together and the outcome is magic!

Representatives of the real estate sector and tech executives came together to discuss how the newest technologies can innovate the space. With this wide variety of data, it is little surprise that their latest technical priority is data efficiency and data integration for real estate. 

Learn more -> Inside Hacker Connect 2018: predictive analytics, biometrics, and blockchain

5. Sea levels are rising in Europe -  This is why we need to act now!

Sea levels are rising 3 millimetres every year since 1993 and the increase has not happened gradually. Even though many cities are responding are reacting to this issue with quick fixes in construction, the issue remains. We don’t want just a quick fix, we are looking to solve the problem long-term – 2100 and beyond. Jean-Noël Thépaut believes: “It will be possible to limit the effects of climate change, if countries commit to working and acting towards reducing greenhouse gases emissions”.

Learn more -> Rising sea levels threat: a shrinking European coastline in 2100?

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