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Blockchain can be seen as a disruptive technology but, today, time has come to prove the benefits of this technology and show it can profit in areas of everyone's life.

Energy efficient building certifications has always been problematic because based on complex national legislations that varies from country to country, especially in Europe. Property owners are often obliged to pay these certifications whenever they sell or buy assets and these certifications are expensive, unreliable and have a limited time validity.
Among the many innovative features of a blockchain, the write-once, preserve-forever database becomes useful whenever there is a significant business that requires an expensive notary role to operate safely. This empowers two parties who, a priori, do not trust each other to do a successful business by relying on an agreed, certified, and stable standard for measuring energy performance, which cannot be tampered.
In addition, the Bluenote approach also addresses the need to have open and transparent sets for the key parameters used to measure energy efficiency of building in objective manners. This important challenge ensures that the platform is built on a recognized and widely accepted published standard. As this has been implemented, both measurement and certification of energy efficiency can be automated and produce indisputable results that would simplify real estate trade and protect both sellers and buyers from uncertain in deals, because all parties agree on the fundamental parameters exchanged.
Beyond the advantage of buyers and sellers to be able to trade commercial real estate more safely, there is an additional positive consequence we can expect: today it is unfortunate that property owners do not invest in energy efficiency solutions because the return on investment cannot be proved or certified. However, with the proposed Bluenote strategy, we can expect that green technologies will lead to quantifiable and demonstrated returns of investments, boosting directly the world wide efficiency and the green economy of solutions that produces tangible and measurable results in improving the worldwide building energy efficiency.

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Alberto Pace

Alberto Pace is a specialist of big data and technical advisor to Bluenote. He leads the storage group at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) responsible for the distribution and long term preservation of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) data which accounts for more than 200'000 Terabytes. Learn more about CERN and the Large Hadron Collider.

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