Michiel Frackers

It has been a busy couple of months at Bluenote, culminating in the listing of our BNOW token on Dobi Exchange on April 29.

Bluenote on Dobitrade Exchange

Dobitrade Exchange is a global cryptocurrency trading platform. The Dobitrade team is committed to create the world's most secure, convenient, and professional digital currency exchange and trading services platform.

To trade BNOW, you need to create an account on Dobi Exchange, pass KYC and make sure the account is set up for trading (which requires a separate password from your log in password, for security purposes). Once you have completed those steps, you can trade BNOW here.

25 Bonus Tokens Post Bluenote 2

We aim to update you on a weekly basis on our progress. Over the next few weeks, different team members will introduce themselves, explain why they got involved and share how they plan to add to the growth of Bluenote. You can expect to hear from Bluenote CTO Philippe Tarbouriech, Advisory Board member dr. Alberto Pace from CERN (home of the Hadron collider and the world wide web), our cofounder Andrew Barbeau and many others as we continue our journey. 

Obviously, communication is not a one way street so we will also host webinars where we look forward to hearing your views and engage with the Bluenote community. We will also notify you which events and conferences Bluenote team members will be attending around the world. 

Please follow us on your preferred social platform (we are on Facebook, Telegram, Medium, LinkedIn and Twitter) to stay updated and please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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